Our award winning Ohio Chardonnay wine is barrel fermented the Burgundian "sur lie" method in new French toasted oak barrels to create a wine of tremendous complexity and aromatic nuances.  With grapes grown to perfection in our cool climate this wine is opulent in apple and melon flavors softened with hints of vanilla and butterscotch.  This is a supple wine in mouth feel with a suprisingly strong flinty finish.  Ready to enjoy by itself or as a compliment to any sea food or poultry dish.

Wine making

  After picking when the pH is near 3.2 and the grapes are cool, the Chardonnay grapes are place into a bladder press where they undergo whole cluster pressing.  With a minimum of contact with skins and broken stem tissue the resulting wine is more delicate and free of harsh tannins.  The wine is inoculated using a variety of yeast  strains each adding its own nuances then undergoes the "sur lies" process in new medium toasted French oak barrels.  After 6 months and when malolactic fermentation is complete we rack and filter but do not add finning materials.

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