Pinot Noir

  Our award winning Ohio Pinot Noir is fermented to extract as much fruit, tannin and color as possible then aged in new French oak barrels to add complexity.  Rich in color with cherry and strawberry fruit flavors and aromas, coupled with vanilla, earthy and cedar like tones this wine is a waiting compliment for beef, pork, lamb, salmon, duck and turkey dishes.  Bon Appetite!

Wine making:

  This challenging enchanting variety is more than any other grape a reflects the vineyard meta - climatic and cellar practices.  We use a variety of clones including 115, Pommard, 2A, 13 and others to obtain a spectrum of flavors and nuances.  We selectively hand pick late into the harvest believing hang time is important in obtaining total phenolic development.   The gently crushed grapes go through a prolonged maceration in an open top fermenter which includes a cold soak.  After fermentation starts the cap is  gently punched twice a day.  After pressing the wine is aged in French medium toasted oak barrels.  We do not fine or filter the Pinot.

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