Many experts believe that Riesling produces the finest wines of our region.  This award winning Ohio Johannesburg Riesling is a delightful fruity Germanic style wine that supports this notion.  It was fermented in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures to retain its crisp fruit flavor and balanced by natural residual sweetness.  Picked late near the end of the harvest season, this wine is opulent in fruit including citrus, melon, peach and tropical flavors with a spicy, floral and ripe fruit aroma.  A superb compliment to seafood, Asian and pork dishes.  This semidry wine is wonderful to enjoy by itself especially on a warm summer's day.

Wine making:

After picking, the Riesling grapes are crushed and pressed immediately to minimize skin contact.  After a 24 hour settling, the clear juice is racked into stainless steel tanks then inoculated with yeast.  A slow cool fermentation helps maintain the fruit and clean crisp flavors we try to achieve.  The finished wine is racked, finned and filtered to maintain these qualities.

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