Vidal Blanc

This is a delightful fruity semidry Germanic style award winning Ohio Vidal Blanc wine fermented with a long cool fermentation to retain its crisp fruit flavor with a balance of residual sugar.  Picked late near the end of the harvest season this wine is opulent in fruit with pear, citrus, pineapple flavors and a fresh flowery and sometimes herb garden aroma.  A compliment to sea foods, salads, poultry or other light dishes that include herbs and spices, this wine is wonderful to enjoy by itself especially on a warm summer day.

Wine making:

After hand picking while still cool in the morning the grapes are crushed and pressed immediately to minimize skin contact.  After a 24 hour settling, the clear juice is racked into stainless steel tanks then inoculated with yeast.  A slow cool fermentation at cool temperatures helps maintain the fruit and clean crisp flavors we try to achieve.  The finished wine is racked, finned and filtered to maintain these qualities.

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