Vintage Notes

  The following are some notes on our exciting current releases:

    • Cabernet Franc – A full bodied wine with aromas of dark fruit, vanilla and followed by tastes of plum, roasted pepper…finishing with hints of dark berry fruit and chocolate.
    • Cabernet Sauvignon – Deep and dark in color with a nose of dark berry and currants.  This full body Cab is "heavy" with chewy tastes of blackberry, plum and black currants with well balanced tannins.
    • Cask – A continual red blend aged in hybrid cask made from French and American oak.  First vintage was 2010.  A blend of Shiraz, Cabernet and Petite Shiraz with combined flavor from multiple vintages.
    • Chardonnay – A slightly oaken, clear and refreshing wine that has aromas of peach, apple, and tropical fruit….while on the tongue this well balanced wine has hints of apple, mango, almond plus a finish of vanilla and butterscotch.
    • Fume' Blanc – A Sauvignon Blanc wine made in a SUR-LEES/Chardonnay style and aged in French Oak.  Notes of figs, honey, almonds, and vanilla with tropical fruit flavors are very different from the "all stainless steel" Sauvignon Blanc wine.  This French Style wine is rich, balanced and complex with a soft finish.
    • Merlot – Big bright red with raspberry and other red fruit flavors with a nose of berry fruits with a hint of vanilla.
    • Nebbiolo – Dark in color with a nose of red fruit, tobacco, leather and oak while having a balanced, bright cherry fruit, tobacco and truffle taste on the tongue and the finish.
    • Sangiovesi with fruit forward aromatics (nose) of red candy apple, cranberry and rose petals.  Hints of dry cherry and pomegranate, leaving a soft finish.
    • Pinot Grigio – Has a nose of citrus, orange peel, honeysuckle, nut, and some floral notes with flavors of  apricot are present, with a finish of honeydew and other ripe melons.
    • Pinot Noirwith fruit forward aromatics (nose) of cherry, strawberries with hint of lilac and roses.  This fruit-bomb provides refreshing fruit flavors of cherry, cranberry with hints of cedar and cherry blossoms.  A perennial award winner.
    • Riesling – Reminiscent of apple blossom, tropical and floral aromas.  Bright flavors of green apples, melon rind, guava, and passion fruit are prevalent.  A lingering finish with flavors of citrus, melons and tropical fruits.
    • Sauvignon Blanc – Well balanced and crisp, this great summer wine provides a herbal and floral nose with a hint of sweet woodruff.  This summer delight provides tropical fruit and melon flavors on the tongue and closes with a lemon, lime pineapple finish.
    • Semillon – Reminiscent of dried fruit, and floral notes to the nose followed with balanced tastes of nectarine, figs, oak, and honey on the tongue and the refreshing finish.
    • Shiraz – Aromas of dark fruit and black olive with blackberry, blueberry, peppery spice with vanilla and coco flavors on the palate… closing with a peppery and dark berry fruit finish… a perfect complement to hearty meat dishes.
    • Vidal Blanc Ice Wine A special dessert wine made from Vidal grapes frozen on the vine with aromas of apricots, honey and apple blossoms and deep flavors of passion fruit, mango and peaches.
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